Just Another Day In Paradise

A documentary by
Maya Reichert and Lucia Scharbatke

Film Synopsis

Fogo - this is the island of your dreams - it is paradise. But living your dream every day might become one day Just Another Day In Paradise.

Shooting Location

In September 2013 Maya Reichert and Lucia Scharbatke found a little place on earth, which is equally an image of paradise and hell: Fogo, the island of fire, part of Cabo Verde.


Down at the coast, tropical plants are growing on the black earth of the volcano, surrounded by the blue of the ocean and a warm wind is blowing.


Inside the volcano crater, which is still active, the black, warm magma turns rain into a thick, dense fog and a cold, stormy wind is blowing.

Our Protagonists

Our protagonists represent as well the people, who were born on Fogo, as the European immigrants, who found their new home there. People, who will touch you.