Fogo, Cabo Verde

Get to know the island

You´ll find Fogo in the centre of the North Atlantic Ocean as part of the Sovavento group, the islands beneath the wind. Fogo is the most prominent of these islands thanks to Pico do Fogo, the main volcano, which rises up to 3.000 meters above sea level. The whole island is a stratovolcano, which is still active.

Fogo is one of the most active volcanos on this world. One of the heaviest eruptions in 1680 was responsible for the renaming of the island. The outburst was so immense it was seen hundreds of kilometers away and for years the island remained a natural lighthouse, an island of fire.

Fogo was formerly named Sao Filipe, which is now the name of the capital. Around 8.300 people live in the small historic town, which architecture is still dominated by the manors of the Portugese, the so called sobrados.