Get to know the makers of Just Another Day In Paradise

Maya Reichert Director

When you turn from producing commercials to directing documentaries, you really have to be serious and in love with life, so you can capture it and show it on - screen. Maya will go on one of her biggest adventures yet and will keep you posted via Facebook and Instagram. She`ll tell you about her personal story : „Never try to make a film on Fogo …“. Maya is really looking forward to eat Catchupa and wants to learn to dance the Batuka.

Marcus Winterbauer DoP

Herbstgold, Beltrachi – Die Kunst der Fälschung , Raising Resistance and Full Metal Village are just a few of the highly successful documentaries Marcus was part of . He is joining us on Fogo from Marseille, where he`s on his latest shooting. He will tell you the stories of paradise and hell on Fogo by image. „Filmmaking is also lifetime“ and this is one of the reasons why Marcus is really looking forward to the adventures on Fogo.

Moritz Springer Sound Editor

„Maybe Paradise is no place at all“, so Gentleman, the protagonist of the latest documentary Journey to Jah by Moritz Springer „it`s a inner state of mind“. Moritz will search for an answer to this question while shooting JADIP. He promised his children to bring some of the small volcano houses of Fogo, which are made by the children living inside the crater of the volcano, to sell them to the few tourists, who find their way to them.

Lambert Strehlke Social Media - DoP

Instead of heading to the icy world of the arctis, Lambert chose a volcano and the adventure on Fogo after working with us on ON IMAGES (directed by Heiner Stadler). Thanks to Lambert you will get to know the island and it`s people even before the world premiere of the film and most importantly also the team behind the camera. He cannot wait to listen to the Music of Cabo Verde and the possibility to bring home lots of CDs and memories to Munich.

Ulrike Tortora Editor

We are so looking forward to cognate Ulrike on the Deutscher Kamerapreis 2014 for Editing back in Germany when we sit down with her in the editing suite to work on JADIP. Ulrike cannot wait for the great images and stories of Fogo / Cabo Verde. It`s her biggest challenge to bring out the real story of the film behind the obvious. A feature documentary is the premiere competition and Ulrike is a master of her trade. We are so blessed!

Clemens Becker Sounddesign

Since six years Clemens is always by our side, when he is not shooting himself all over the world or performs with his band or gives movies the final perfect touch of sound. Thanks to him you`ll experience the rushing of the waves, the peep of the Passarinhas and the whiff of the wind inside the volcano. Clemens is eagerly waiting for the CDs Lambert will bring with him, so he can listen to the music of Cabo Verde even in Munich.

Lucia Scharbatke Executive & Creative Producer

„Use your eyes choosing your job!“ Lucia had to listen to that quite often in the last days. She would love to go back to Fogo, where she spent so much time with Maya during their research last year. However as a producer you sometimes have to stay home and let the others do the walk on the wild side. She is waiting for a necklace made from black volcano stone, which Maya will bring back to her and of course she`s looking forward to watch the shooting material of Fogo.

Tobias Pollok Producer

No one rides a bicycle on Fogo. This is way to dangerous on the cobbles and the way people drive on Fogo. His bicycle is the one thing Tobias will really miss, when he`s on Fogo for the second period of shooting. Until then he stays with Lucia in Germany and supports the team from Munich. Tobias is really looking forward to the small, dark coffee beans, which are roasted in the last roastery on Fogo. The smell and taste are one of a kind and he well really need a strong coffee to survive the next exhausting weeks.